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Buy ACDC marijuana online

acdc strain seeds, ACDC is a Sativa-predominant aggregate of the high-CBD cannabis strain, Cannatonic. One striking quality of ACDC is its THC: CBD proportion of 1:20, which means this strain initiates no psychoactive impacts. unquestionably Tests have put ACDC’s CBD content as high as 19%, which enables numerous patients to treat torment, nervousness, epilepsy, various sclerosis, and the negative impacts of chemotherapy, all without inebriation.

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Prevailing Strain: Sativa-predominant at 70% Sativa/30% Indica.

Brief History: ACDC is one of the top strains that contain an exceptionally high CBD level of about 19% to 20% and an extremely low THC level

┬áIt can control a few manifestations without creating psychoactive impacts, making it the ideal strain for patients who can’t endure THC.

Recognizing Features: The buds of ACDC are little, fleecy in appearance, and thickly pressed together. They are molded like a lance and dull overgrown green in shading mixed with brilliant orange hairs. The leaves look slim and somewhat fluffy. They are splendid green in shading with purple tints.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile: ACDC is one of the strains with a low THC content and It’s CBD level is high

The terpene profile of ACDC incorporates pinene, myrcene, and caryophyllene. It additionally contains low degrees of linalool, limonene, terpinolene, and humulene.


ACDC is a buffet of flavors and fragrances. It gives a sweet, impactful, natural, and woody smell with traces of citrusy lemon and flavors. Its flavors are perplexing. You’ll get a sweet and woody taste with traces of pine, flavors, and spices blended in with citrusy natural products like lemon.

Impacts:acdc strain seeds

A Sativa-prevailing strain, ACDC will stimulate you and elevate your temperament. One lungful and you’ll feel all your downturn and stress liquefy away, leaving you more joyful, more euphoric, and more loose. These inspiring impacts will likewise make you more friendly. You will likewise see that your concentration and focus are improved, permitting you to be more gainful.

ACDC gives you all these restorative advantages without creating psychoactive impacts in view of its low THC content.

Ailments: acdc strain seeds

ACDC is a decent strain for evening use. It is actually what you need when your energy, temperament, and efficiency begins to back off. ACDC gives your energy level an additional kick while improving your disposition and center simultaneously. With these impacts consolidated, you can expand your profitability without giving up mental lucidity or stressing over psychoactive impacts. A powerful clinical cannabis strain, ACDC is extremely compelling for ongoing ailments like bipolar issue, constant pressure, despondency, alarm assaults, tension issues, and post-awful pressure problem.acdc strain seeds

Because of its ground-breaking loosening up impacts, patients experiencing muscle fits, epilepsy, quakes, just as seizures can likewise profit by its high CBD content. Patients with numerous sclerosis will likewise profit from ACDC.

Concerning ongoing sorts of torment, ACDC can do something amazing for patients with rheumatoid joint pain, osteoarthritis, and nerve injury just as harm. It is likewise a powerful strain for constant aggravation and can profit patients with Crohn’s Disease just as crabby inside disorder.

ACDC additionally can control malignancy indications, including results instigated by chemotherapy like sickness and retching.

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This group has higher than unique THC levels!!!

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  1. I’ve never had stuff that smells or tastes even close to this strain. Definitely something else in my opinion. Great high though, don’t think ill be moving from my seat for awhile

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