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Buy Honey Vape Sour Diesel Cartridge

Buy Honey Vape Sour Diesel Cartridge, now and then called Sour D, is an empowering Sativa named after its impactful, diesel-like fragrance.

This quick-acting strain conveys invigorating,

marvelous cerebral impacts that have pushed Sour Diesel to its unbelievable status. Stress, agony,

and sorrow blur away in enduring help that settles on Sour Diesel a top decision among clinical patients.

Its invigorating impacts have won Sour Diesel a seat in the Sativa classification,

yet its inadequately reported starting points leave a lot of space for banter.

As indicated by developing master Ed Rosenthal, Sour Diesel starts from Mexican Sativa and Chemo. Other legends will disclose to us Sour Diesel dives from Chemdawg 91, Northern Lights, and an obscure Skunk phenotype.

Purchase Honey Vape Sour Diesel Cartridge, Are you an enthusiast of the exemplary strain Sour Diesel?

At that point, the Pure Spectrum Sour Diesel enhanced Honey Oil cartridge is for you!

Be that as it may, in contrast to the blossom, this vape cartridge contains 100mg of CBD.

Appreciate the terpene determined taste of Sour Diesel, with no of the psychoactive impacts.

Rather, the Sour Diesel seasoned Honey Oil cartridge conveys 100mg of CBD per cartridge.

With the treated glass cartridges that are designed with bigger admission gaps,

they are better prepared to forestall spills and can consistently vape Pure’s intense and tasty oil.

Yet, don’t stress, a gigantic advantage of vape cartridges is they permit you to control your measurement!

All the more critically, Pure Spectrum’s vape cartridges augment the measure of vape per hit.

At the point when the Sour Diesel enhanced Honey Oil cartridge is joined with the Pure Pen Battery, you can vape your CBD’s any place you go!

CBD Strength:

100mg Per Cartridge

Bundle Options:

Single (100mg)

2-Pack (100mg Each)

3-Pack (100mg Each)

5-Pack (100mg Each)

10-Pack (100mg Each)

Proposed Use

Also, Unadulterated Spectrum’s CBD cartridges are intended to be utilized with the Pure Pen Battery or comparative 510 strung vaping gadgets.


Firstly, 450mg (100mg CBD) Whole Plant Extract Honey Oil

Terpene Extract or Natural Flavoring

Natural MCT Oil

Vigorous Terpene Profiles

Other Non-Psychoactive Cannabinoids

Under .03% THC Content (Non-Psychoactive Effects)

Also. All clusters shift and contrast inside the cannabinoid breakdown and terpenoids. All Pure Spectrum items contain no PG or VG.

Suggested Storage

To save the exceptional nature of your Sour Diesel seasoned Honey Oil vape cartridge, it would be ideal if you store in a cool, dry spot away from over the top warmth, light, or mugginess.


The Sour Diesel Honey Oil cartridge isn’t to be utilized during pregnancy or lactation. In the event that you have an ailment or consume drug medications, it would be ideal if you counsel your doctor before use. Keep far off from youngsters.

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