Trainwreck CO2 Cartridge

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  • 0.4ml, 44g per cartridge
  • 274mg THC:1.82mg CBD per cartridge
  • 1.82mg THC:1.40mg CBD per puff
  • 150 puffs
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Buy Trainwreck CO2 Cartridge Online

Buy Trainwreck CO2 Cartridge Online.

Also, For strong Sativa-predominant impacts, take a swig of Extract Arts’ Trainwreck.

Lastly, Trainwreck is a notable strain that welcomes on an elevating, innovativeness inciting cerebral high alongside a citrusy pine flavor and smell.


Trainwreck is a brain bowing mixture with powerful Sativa impacts that hit like a cargo train. Mexican and Thai sativas were reproduced with Afghani indicas to deliver this Northern California staple, passing on a sweet lemon and fiery pine smell. Trainwreck starts its rapid tear through the psyche with a flood of rapture, arousing imagination and satisfaction. Headaches, torment, and joint pain are cut somewhere near Trainwreck’s high THC content, and numerous patients likewise use it for the help of nervousness, ADD/ADHD, and PTSD. Utilizations Cartridge for vaporizer pen. Fits FlavRx and 510 strung batteries.

THC: 74.22%

CBD: 3.86%

Purchase Trainwreck CO2 Cartridge Online. For intense Sativa-predominant impacts, take a swig of Extract Arts’ Trainwreck. Trainwreck is a noteworthy strain that welcomes on an inspiring, imagination inciting cerebral high alongside a citrusy pine flavor and fragrance.

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Purchase Trainwreck CO2 Cartridge on the web. . Additionally blended in with the amazing Afghani Indica strain.

Purchase Trainwreck Co2 Cartridge

The THC arrangement of this vape oil is around 80% on a normal alongside some negligible hint of CBD. Every cartridge contains 274 mg of THC and 1.82 mg of CBD roughly. You will locate a wide scope of smells of this strain from hearty, natural, and pine to lemon. Due to the conspicuous Sativa heredity, this strain can undoubtedly let you have an incomparable quality cerebral high. You can likewise encounter some sort of imaginative, empowering, euphoric, upbeat, and elevated perspective. While devouring this vape cartridge. Much the same as some other half and half weed strain, this one can likewise be very powerful to mend different clinical issues including nervousness, bipolar turmoil, ongoing torment, sadness, cerebral pains, aggravation, a sleeping disorder, headaches, muscle fits, PTSD, and a gentle or moderate instance of pressure.

To give you the best quality item conveyance, we are currently offering you a mix of curve top holders and fix packs. Contingent upon the volume of the item, we likewise give a twofold vacuum fixing of your item before transportation. For the life span of this vape oil cartridge, if it’s not too much trouble store this in a cool, dry, and hermetically sealed holder.

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  1. Buy Trainwreck CO2 Cartridge Online. The price differences Don reflects on the quality, but the cheaper pens are wonderful and dank as well. Already have more in my cart for my next purchase. Beautiful pens too. Hate to dispose

  2. Omg, I bought the Trainwreck CO2 Cartridge, and let me tell you it’s amazing!!! Hits hard which helps. Just bought 3 new flavors and I plan on buying more.

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