Tahoe OG

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tahoe og yield

tahoe og kush yield. Solid and quick-acting,

you might not have any desire to utilize this strain when you’re wanting to go out.

Extraordinary for those experiencing a sleeping disorder, torment, or absence of hunger,

Tahoe OG has become famous among different indica.

A top evening time strain, it gives a very languid, substantial body sensation.

Because of wonderful reproducing,

Tahoe OG exemplifies the entirety of the common indica impacts with an additional euphoric, Sativa-like kick.

Also, This strain includes a gritty, lemon taste, and is an aggregate of OG Kush.

Developing at around 10 weeks, Tahoe OG is an unquestionable requirement go after those searching for an incredible night’s rest. tahoe og kush yield


Firstly, Β high THC levels and devastatingly powerful and typically apathetic, loungy high.

In the same way as other strains in the OG genealogy,

OG Tahoe Kush flaunts enormous THC focuses that are routinely to be well above 20%!

Do whatever it takes not to smoke this indica on the off chance that you have significant tasks or errands or a bustling day in front of you – you’ll likely lose all inspiration and need to kick back and unwind.tahoe og kush yield

In spite of the fact that the underlying high starts with a glad, inspiring kick,

OG Tahoe Kush is known for its trademark indica impacts that range from unwinding to the point of being close calming on the body.

Restoratively, this indica can be used as a successful treatment for torment, stress, sleep deprivation and minor aggravation.

Smell and Appearance

Kush and gas sweethearts ought to celebrate and cheer!

In the same way as other strains in the OG family,

OG Tahoe Kush is for its pinene and limonene base terpene profile with extra notes of a moist, fuel and gas.

Brilliant connotations of sweet pine work with notes of an unpretentious, tart citrus and a hefty, room-filling gas nose.

Lastly, the flavor after smoking OG Tahoe Kush is gentle, smooth and natural on the breathe out.

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